Plumbing Snake Drain Auger, Vastar 25 Feet Drain Snake Clog Remover for Bathtub Drains Bathroom Sinks Kitchen Pipes & Sewers, with Gloves and Storage Bag


The drain serpentine auger is made of high-strength ABS drum shell; the spring is made of high-quality carbon steel, which can be bent more than 90 degrees; it is suitable for all kinds of sewers, but it is not recommended to clear the toilet blockage; it

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The plumbing snake drain auger is made of a high-strength ABS drum shell with long-lasting durability. Designed with an ergonomic grip, simplifing the use and providing more comfortable operation. In addition, the metal nozzle is upgraded to reduce wear when using.

The spring is made of high-quality carbon steel and can be easily stored in the drum to make it cleaner than other plastic auger drains. The flexible spring can bend more than 90 degrees without breaking or kinking, allowing you to reach the sink block efficiently.

The plumbing snake drain auger is used for various sewage drains, such as kitchen and bathroom sinks, shower drains, sewers and floor drains. It is not recommended to use this drain auger to clear the toilet blockage, because it may damage the porcelain.

Compared with the chemical drainage cleaners, it is more environmentally friendly, more effective and healthier. The sink snake can be reused, it is a good choice to save your money and time.

The pipe auger is also came with a pair of gloves, so that you don't need to buy extra gloves. Wearing gloves while using pipe auger will prevent your hands from getting dirty by the blockage.

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