Vastar AD555 Desoldering Wick, Solder Braid (2.5mm Width, 1.5m Length) and Solder Sucker Desoldering Vacuum Pump Solder Removal Tool,Blue

VRK15-1-5 N




VRK13-3 N VRK15-7 N


VRK13-6 N VRK15-6 N

VRK13-2 N VRK15-7-N


Brand Name: Vastar

Manufacture: Vastar

UPC:  643824967946

  • Pure oxygen free copper wire with 0.1″W x 5″L, weight 0.4oz
  • Brand new high quality desoldering braid with unique no clean flux and gemetrically- precise weave
  • Excellent thermal transfer for faster, safer desoldering using lower temperature irons
  • High Quality Solder Sucker & Light Material: Super high pressure vacuum with aluminum body frame with right size: 7-1/2 inch length x 3/4 inch diameter
  • Special Design: Right or Left handed design allows easy one-handed use;Low Residue Design: this solder braid will help clean spare solder on the pin away to avoid short circuit, especially in small, hard to reach areas
  • Product description

    Vastar desoldering wick is high quality desoldering braid with unique, no clean flux with a size of 0.10″W (2.5mm) x 5″L (1.5m), 0.4 oz. (11g).

    Vastar Solder Sucker is a must have tool. This makes removing solder from capacitors, resistors, and other components easy.

    How To Use:

    1.Place the desoldering wick over the solder to be removed, then slightly push the heated soldering iron tip onto the desoldering wick. The solder will be absorbed

    2.Remove the desoldering wick after the solder has been absorbed.

    3.Cut off the used section of the wick.

    4.Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 above if the solder is not removed completely. Absorbability may differ depending on the type of solder. Sn63% and 60%(tin content) have good absorbability.

    Package Included:

    1 x Vastar Desoldering Wick

    1 x Vastar Solder Sucker


    18-month warranty. For any question, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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