Vastar 20 Packs 12 Inch White Round Paper Lanterns with 40 Packs White LED Party Lights and Extra 120 LED Light Batteries








Brand Name: Vastar

Manufacture: Vastar

UPC: 643824967748

  • For kinds of celebration occasions, wedding/anniversary/party, festival event engagement hotel reception
  • The round paper lanterns are easy to use and store due to its foldable feature
  • Come with 20 pieces of 12 inch white round paper lanterns, including 12 mini instruction papers for 12 paper lanterns
  • LED Light: easy to install, high light, non blinking. Turn LED lights on and off by twisting the base after removing the insulator
  • Batteries: 3 x 1.5V LR41 in each led, 8 hours+ (yes, batteries are included), and with extra 3 batteries for each LED light
  • Product description

    At competitive prices, Vastar 20-pack 12 inch white round paper lanterns come with 2 LED Light Bulbs for each Vastar lantern, 3 LED light batteries in each LED Light Bulb. Assemble the lantern and then add two LED light to each lantern. You’ll find it’s very pretty for a party, inside or outside daytime or evening event.

    Reusable-It’s easy to assemble, remove and reinstall the Vastar paper lanterns.

    Paper Lanterns

    Make Your Home Beautiful. Paper lanterns can be used for decorations of festivals, parties, wedding, or decorations in the house or office.


    1. Expand lantern carefully.

    2. Inserting the expander through large aperture on the top of the lantern.

    3. Press the expander and insert two convexes into two eyelets. This procedure should be handled very carefully to avoid convex breaking the paper.

    4.Remove the insulation card on bulbs, twist the bulb to turn it on, and hang two LED bulbs on wire “C”.

    Long battery life:

    Bright LED power saving, long service life. Each will last 8 hours (And by a series oftests, most of them were still working after 20 hours – but it started dimming after about 12 hours).


    Size (Diameter x Height): 0.4 x 1.2 in

    Material: plastic + electroplating steel frame


    Please take off the insulating strip covered the battery before lighting it.

    They are submersible and not waterproof (do not use in beverages).

    Package included:

    20 x Vastar Paper Lanterns

    20 x Metal Frames

    20 x Mini Instruction Paper

    40 x Vastar LED lights (batteries included)

    120 x Extra Batteries


    18-month warranty. For any question, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.



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