Vastar 2 Packs 4-in-1 USB Charging Cable Adapter, 3.3 Feet and 1 Feet Multiple Charging Cable Connector with Micro USB/Mini USB Ports for iPhone 6,5,4 and iPad 4,3,2,Air,Galaxy S4,S5,Nexus 5 and More








Brand Name: Vastar

Manufacture: Vastar

UPC: 742297663901

  • 2 Packs of up-to-date 4-in-1 multiple USB cables which charge most of mobile phones available on market (Charging only, not for Sync Data)
  • Compact split cable combination: the USB cable is all in one portable charging solution and great space saver for travel with multiple plugs
  • Efficient: the multiple USB charging cables are great for a family with different electronics
  • Micro USB connector charge for most android phones, Bluetooth headset, external batteries; Mini USB connector charge for some mobile phones, MP3, digital cameras or other devices, including iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, and iPad mini and more
  • Compact, portable and lightweight design for convenient to carry and take up less space when you are in a car, a office or travelling
  • Product description

    Vastar 4-in-1 usb cable is an ideal choice if you are looking for all in one compact charging cable.

    The 2 packs of Vastar 4-in-1 charging USB cable is equipped with micro USB connectors. Fully compatible with the latest IOS 7, IOS 8, IOS 9 devices, including iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, and iPad mini and more.


    This cable can not apply to the non-certificated quick charge adapter which may cause damage to the cable even to the phone. Please use the normal adapter or the certificated quick charge adapter with this cable.

    Package included:

    2 x Vastar 4-in-1 charging cable


    18-month warranty. For any question, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Vastar 100 Packs CD Sleeves Kraft Paper DVD Envelopes, Premium CD Paper Cardboard, Kraft Paper Sleeves






Brand Name: Vastar

Manufacture: Vastar

UPC:  643824968097

  • An economical way to file VD/DVD and keep discs in order
  • Durable, reusable, elegant and high quality: Vastar CD envelopes are made of 250g thick kraft paper
  • Quick-clip design for better storage, can protect your discs from scratches, dust and dropping down
  • 100 pieces CD paper sleeves totally, size: 5 inch x 5 inch
  • Great envelope for multipurpose use
  • Product description

    Size: 5 x 5 inch

    Weight: 946g/2.09lb

    Material: thick recycled kraft cardboard

    Paper of the disc envelopes feel sturdy, secure and look great, much better alternative to plastic.

    It’s very nice, handy and easy to storage of CDs, DVDs and photos, and the tab folds into the cut-out making a secure fold.

    Good way to keep discs in order and great envelopes for multipurpose use.

    Package included:

    100 x Kraft Paper CD Envelopes


    18-month warranty. For any question, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Vastar 4 in 1 Drain Snake Hair Drain 3 Pack Clog Remover Cleaning Tool and 1 Pack Drain Relief Tool







Brand Name: Vastar

Manufacture: Vastar

UPC: 606794746010

  • Vastar 4 Pack Drain Snakes Hair Drain Clog Remover Drain Auger Cleaning Tools(1 stainless steel drain cleaner and 3 plastic drain snakes tools)
  • Come with two kinds of cleaning tools: one captures solid obstructions ; another hooks hair and debris
  • Multi-tooth drain snakes efficiently catch hair, food and other blockages
  • Flexible drain cleaning tools snake into small strainers or pipes that may be clogged often
  • Good for showers drains cleaning in kitchen, bathroom, sinks, bathtubs and easy to operate by yourself instead of asking for an expensive pipe cleaning worker for help
  • Widely used for cleaning bathrooms, sinks, tubs, and dredging pipe, drain, sewers and other places clogged often.

    Special design: Flexible and bendable spring loaded cable with easy comfortable grip handle on top and heavy duty steel spring and retractable claws on the bottom, which make this grabber tool accessible to most hard to reach narrow bended places.

    Quick and easy to clear slow-moving or clogged drains.


    1.No complicated drainage decomposition.

    2.No need of expensive dredging tool.

    3.Drain snakes hair clog remover—length: 9.75*7.1*1.75 inch

    4. Material: stainless steel + ABS plastic


    1.Keep in safe areas where out of children’s reach.

    2.Please do protect your eyes well when using the product.

    Package included:

    3 x Vastar drain relief tool

    1 x Vastar plastic drain snakes tools


    18-month warranty. For any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get you back within 24 hours.

Vastar AC222 Soldering Iron Kit, 16 in 1 60W Welding Soldering Iron Temperature Adjustable with On/Off Switch, Soldering Tips, Desoldering Pump, Soldering Wire, Soldering Station Anti-static Tweezers








Brand Name: Vastar

Manufacture: Vastar

UPC:  643824967793

  • 16-in-1 Full soldering kit – comes with soldering iron, desoldering pump, solder wick, solder wire, soldering stand with cleaning sponge, 5 interchangeable tips, 2 anti-static tweezers and a hard carry case with scale line to meet kinds of your soldering project needs
  • Switch ON/OFF on the soldering iron, help to save energy, improve efficiency and more safe
  • Necessary accessory: five models of solder tips make soldering iron easy to fit soldering iron stand, different tips from broad chisel to super-fine for a variety of different projects
  • Heats up fast and work great, 60 watts, heat up to standby efficiently just in a few minutes; adjustable temperature with thermostat range 392℉~842℉(200~450℃)
  • Excellent product experience: no need soldering station, just plug and play
  • Product description


    1.0mm Soldering Iron Weight: 20g

    1.6mm Soldering Iron Weight: 20g

    Cable Length: 59.0 In

    Working Voltage: 110V

    Power: 60W


    1. When the soldering iron is plugged at the first time, there will come out a smoke from the tip end. The smoke will stop in a short while and won’t come out again.

    2. Use soldering stand and other aids to avoid burnt fingers, and please wet the sponge before using.

    3. Don’t pull the soldering iron tip outward or use it in that way, which will shorten the service life of the heating elements.

    4. Don’t use too much solder unnecessarily.

    Package included:

    1 x Temperature Adjust Soldering Iron

    5 x Soldering Iron Tips

    1 x Soldering stand

    2 x Pocket Solder 60/40 0.031 0.71 oz. Tube

    2 x Anti-static Tweezers

    1 x Desoldering Pump

    2 x Solder Wick(Diameter: 1.6mm and 1mm)

    1 x Cable Tie

    1 x Tool Box


    18-month warranty. For any question, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

    There is a new version of this product:

    Vastar Soldering Iron Kit, 10 in 1 60W 110V with ON/OFF Switch, Temperature Adjustable, 5pcs Different Tips, Desoldering Pump, Stand, Anti-static Tweezers and Soldering Wire for Various Repaired Usage



Vastar AD222 Pet Cat Dog Seat Cover with Pet Cat Seat Belt Harness for Cars, Hammock Convertible with Waterproof, Durable and Machine Washable Feature Pet Seat Cover, Black








Brand Name: Vastar

Manufacture: Vastar

UPC: 643824975743

  • Dimension of the durable car seat covers: 54 inch x 58 inch(length x width), fits most cars and SUVs
  • The waterproof and machine washable car seat covers avoid pet stainless, spills, dander, dirt, and odors on the back car seats of your vehicle
  • Built-in Velcro Openings to make the seatbelt can be inserted and fastened, and Seat Anchors to prevent the seat cover from sliding around
  • Two pockets on the pet car seat cover are convenient for storing things
  • Come with one pack extra Vastar adjustable car pet seatbelt, which is made of high quality Nylon Fabric and features the solid zinc alloy swivel snap and metal buckles guarantee extra durability. Note: the tab on the seatbelt clip is 2cm, please check your buckle’s size and compatibility
  • Product description

    Easy clean up, machine washable and air dry.

    Simply clip the Pet Seatbelt onto your pet harness and snap the belt tab right into the seat belt receptacle of your vehicle(Note: The tab on the seatbelt clip is 2cm). Your pet can active freely without distracting the driver.


    The Pet Seat Cover:

    Size: 54 inch x 58 inch

    Material: oxford fabric

    Heavy-weight oxford fabric with a waterproof backside.

    There are 2 slits to pull seat belt buckles through.

    The Adjustable Pet Seatbelt Harness:

    Color: Black

    Width: 0.98inchs (2.5cm)

    Adjustable size: 16-27inch

    Weight: 2.01oz/57g

    Belt Tab Width: 2cm

    Package included:

    1 x Vastar Pet Seat Cover

    1 x Vastar Adjustable Pet Dog Car Seatbelt


    18-month warranty. For any question, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.



Vastar 60W 110V Adjustable Temperature Welding Soldering Iron Kit with ON/OFF Switch, 5pcs Different Tips, additional Solder Tube and Stand for Variously Repaired Usage








Brand Name: Vastar

Manufacture: Vastar

UPC: 606794746133

  • Update device: come with on/off button for better controlling your soldering iron

  • Better heat dissipation efficiency: With our upgrade steel-pipe design, the Vastar new soldering iron is more efficient in a better heat dissipation than others in the market. This will help to reduce the temperature of handle, and avoid the plastic melting by the heat
  • Upgrade PCBA: We use the Chip Fixed Resistor while others on the market use the Color ring resistance, the Chip Fixed Resistor will help the solding get hot faster and had a better heat dissipation efficiency, more stable quality
  • Excellent product experience: A. No need soldering station, just plug and play. B. Soft grip handle designed as maximum comfortable can reduce slippage C. LED indicator and avoid burnt fingers and others by accident
  • Necessary accessory: A. Five different tips makes solding iron easy to fit. B. Soldering Iron Stand Use soldering stand and other aids to avoid burnt fingers. C. Solder wire(60/ 40 tin lead 2.0%Flux; 1mm diameter; 0.71 ounce) save your money

Vastar 54-in-1 Cake Decorating Tips Cake Decorating Supplies, Professional Stainless Steel DIY Icing Tip Set Tools with 3 Reusable Coupler & Storage Case & 3 Sizes Silicone Cake Decorating Pastry Bags








Brand Name: Vastar

Manufacture: Vastar

UPC: 606794745846

  • Cake decorating tips – 48 pieces 100% food-grade stainless steel tips and 3 reusable plastic couplers in a detachable carrying case
  • Cake decorating tips – strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, won’t rusty, reusable, non-stick, tasteless and non-toxic, easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Decorating pastry bags – including 3 pastry bags (different size of 10″ 12″ 16″), which are made of food-grade silicone with convenient hanging ring
  • Decorating pastry bags – use each bag for different icing color while decorating cakes and cupcakes, two or three people can decorate baked goods at the same time; decorate your creative cakes with these reusable pastry bags with your families and friends
  • Compact, lightweight, tasteless and non-toxic cake decorating set, easy to use and perfect tools to decorate all your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastry and more
  • Product specification:Nice compact kit with a good variety of tips. Keep in a drawer and out of the way until needed.The tips are easy to clean and there is plenty of piping designs to choose from. The plastic necks keep the tips in place well.The plastic box keeps everything in its right place. All the tips and couples come in a plastic container that is divided and holds 2 tips in the upright position in each compartment. So you can see all of the available tips and choose quickly which one you need.More diverse shapes of cake decorating tools and more competitive price.

    This cake decoration set is ideal for both beginners and professional users. It comes with a collective of professional decoration tips that will guide not-so-experienced bakers to making an attractive cake. With these lightweight, seamless tips, your just let your imagination run wild enjoy this.

    Package included:

    48 x Vastar stainless steel tips

    3 x Plastic couplers

    1 x Plastic storage case

    3 x Cake decorating pastry bags


    18-month warranty. For any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get you back within 24 hours.


  • There is a new version of this product:
  • VCT3-2-1


Vastar Pet Dog Grooming Kit with Dog Curved Scissors, Nail Clipper, Steel Pet Grooming Comb, Nail File, including Cleaning Cloth and Leather Clip Bag, for Dog Cat and Other Pets








Brand Name: Vastar

Manufacture: Vastar

UPC: 714394983473

  • All the cutting tools come with razor sharp edges which will work perfect for detailing and the handles and the contours are designed to ensure effortless and easy way of working
  • Come with cutting shear and thinning shear, both ergonomically designed to suit all your pet’s grooming needs and requirements
  • Our company has a huge amount of experience in pet grooming so we improve our previous product by adding a professional nail clipper and metal nail file for making all our clients more handy
  • The pet grooming kit includes a steel grooming comb, which will help to remove tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt, stimulate skin and hair follicles
  • High quality muffer pad and complete stainless steel construction make the scissors quieter and more durable. Vastar also offers cleaning cloth uniquely for pet grooming set
  • Product description

    The dog grooming set comes with cutting shear and thinning shear. The thinning shear will work for minute thinning and removing tangles. The cutting shear is used for heavy cutting purposes with beautifying heavy layers of your pet.

    This pet grooming kit is applicable to pets both in home and profession salon. This new professional cutting tool set will provide you and your pets with nice cutting experience and keep your lovely pets looking good.


    Weight: 0.9 lb APRX.

    Dimensions: 8.7*3.5*1.2 in APRX.

    Color: black, sliver, pink

    Package included:

    1 x curved scissor

    1 x cutting shear

    1 x thinning shear

    A Nail Clipper

    A Nail File

    A Steel Grooming Comb

    A Cleaning Cloth

    A Leather Clip Bag


    18-month warranty. For any question, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Vastar Damaged Screw Remover Tool Set, One Flexible Extension Screwdriver Drill Bit with Magnetic Quick Connect Drive Shaft Tip and 4 Damaged Screw Extractor Bits








Brand Name: Vastar

Manufacture: Vastar

UPC:  643824967731

  • The 4 pieces stripped screw removers work with assorted drills, bolt and sizes of screw
  • Short shaft, connecting the drill hexagon handle size 6.35mm (1/4), will bend, twist with easy and help drill into hard-to-reach places
  • Applicable to electric drill and ordinary chuck drill; please control the rotating speed while inside shaft tip rotating to ensure hand safe
  • Four sizes screw remover set with a tool kit box, great for stripped, broken, stuck or damaged and screw removal, connection batch head hexagon size 6.35mm (1/4)
  • The damaged screw bolt extractor set is made of durable hardened steel with high hardness and high efficiency, easy removal of rusted, free-spinning screws and deck screws
  • Product description

    The Screw Remover Set grab damaged fasteners with speed and precision.

    High efficiency, high quality, and user-friendly, the Vastar Screw Remover Set is made to make tough jobs easier. It will remove various screws or bolt of sizes from different materials and easy and quick to use.

    It’s compatible with Quick Connect Chuck Systems and works with kinds of drill. Stubborn and work well. Great for you! Detailed instruction included.

    Soft shaft tip connect batch head hexagon drill size 6.35mm (1/4)

    Connect batch head hexagon size 6.35mm (1/4)

    Dimensions: 20cm*12cm*1.5cm

    Weight: 0.22lb/100g

    Package included:

    1 x Connect Drive Shaft Tip

    4 x Vastar Screw Remover

    A case for storage


    18-month warranty. For any question, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Vastar iPhone Repair Tool Kit for iPhone 7-Premium Screwdriver Set with Complete Premium Opening Pry Tools for iPhone 7, 7plus, 6Plus /6S /6/5S/5/5C/4S/4/SE, iPod, iTouch (16 Packs)








Brand Name: Vastar

Manufacture: Vastar

UPC: 643824967892

  • Professional iPhone 7/7Plus repair tool kit: to repair your iPhone like Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7plus, iPhone 6Plus, iPhone 6S /6/5S/5/5C/4S/4/SE, iPod, iTouch
  • 16 Packs Vastar repair tools: allow you to take apart of your Apple iPhone mobile devices without damage to phone cover, including magnetizer demagnetizer tool for screwdriver tips, bits, bolts, nails and more
  • High quality: premium screwdriver is made of aviation aluminum alloy material with high hardness gold-plated screw head and non-slip design, our screwdriver can be used for a long time
  • Ergonomic design: the repair kit is easy to use, more convenient and efficient for repair
  • Warranty: 24 months warranty to ensure good quality and service. Note: A technician or expert is recommended for the installation, our company is not responsible for any damage caused by installation of this accessory
  • Product description

    Practical and use-friendly iphone repair kit comes with a suction cup that helps you hold the glass cover, which makes it much easier to disassemble and assemble your Apple iPhone devices.

    Complete repair tool kits for iPhone repairing, compatible with: Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7plus, iPhone 6Plus, iPhone 6S /6/5S/5/5C/4S/4/SE, iPod, iTouch.

    Professional-grade, light and multifunctional repair kit is perfect for your iPhone.


    Weight: 0.3lb APRX.

    Package included:

    1 x Premium pentalobe screwdriver (0.8 x 25mm)

    1 x Premium cross screwdriver (1.5 x 25mm)

    1 x Premium “Y” head screwdriver (0.6x 25mm)

    1 x Magnetizer & demagnetizer  tool

    1 x Suction cup

    1 x Stainless-steel double headed crowbar

    1 x Straight tip ESD tweezers

    1 x Wooden cleaning brush

    2 x 150mm Nylon spudger

    2 x Plastic pry tools

    2 x Plastic triangle pry tools

    1 x SIM card tray ejector pin

    1 x Ultrafine microfiber cleaning cloth


    18-month warranty. For any question, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.