Accessories for Vastar Portable Air Compressor, 160mm American Threaded Trachea, Ball Needle, Swimming Ring Mouth, French Mouth, TYPE-C Charging Cable,Used for Inflatable Pump Alternate

Kit contains: 160mm American threaded trachea*1, ball needle*1, swimming ring mouth*1, French mouth*1, TYPE-C charging cable*1
Note: The product only contains accessories, not an air pump
French mouth:mostly used on road bikes. 160mm American threaded trachea: used to connect pipes. The internal and external threads are tightly matched, air-tight, and easy to use. Spherical needle: Inflatable mouth that can inflate most spheres, such as football, rugby, volleyball, etc. Swimming ring mouth: an inflatable mouth that can inflate the swimming ring, but note that it is not suitable for air beds.
This set of accessories is only suitable for Vastar portable air pump
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